Senior Patients

Walking boots are cumbersome, difficult to put on, and restrict seniors from their normal daily lives. The TayCo Brace the lightweight alternative to a walking boot, allowing you to live your best life while recovering from an ankle injury.


Returns seniors to  normal daily activities up to 


faster than a walking boot

The Problem:

Ankle injuries are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries resulting in reduced quality of life, time away from friends and family, and muscle deconditioning

Before The TayCo Brace:

Walking boots prevent seniors from normal daily activities, lead to muscle loss, and cause secondary pain in the knee, hip, or back

After The TayCo Brace:

Seniors can return to their normal daily lives. The TayCo Brace is easy to put on, lightweight, and does not cause a limb length imbalance


Jo-Anne Aldrich


With the TayCo Ankle Brace, you could do a lot more of your daily activities that with the walking boot.

Fred Ferlic MD 

Retired Orthopedic Surgeon

The TayCo Brace  allows  seniors to  participate in normal activities of daily living.

Jack Hickey


The walking boot severely limited my daily activities. My mobility is back with the TayCo Brace. It changed my life.