Top 10 Reasons To Use The TayCo Ankle Brace & Give The Walking Boot “The Boot”

January 7, 2023 | By: Nate Lazenga

There are many reasons the Acute TayCo External Ankle Brace is better than a traditional walking boot. The TayCo Brace fits outside the shoe for comfort and stability, and returns your patients to activities of daily living faster. Here are the TOP 10 reasons to give the walking boot “the boot” for ankle and hindfoot injuries in 2023.

10. Lighter Weight
The walking boot can weigh 4 pounds or more. The TayCo Brace is less than one pound.

9. Better Compliance
Easy to put on and enables patient’s functionality, so your patients can continue living their lives, leading to better compliance. The boot is difficult to put on, a hindrance to wear, and limits functionality so patients do not always wear it when they should.

8. More Comfortable
The TayCo Brace fits outside the shoe to reduce soft tissue damage around the ankle and foot, and has a comfortable soft tissue interface to protect the skin of the leg. The boot fits up against the skin and can lead to irritation.

7. Consistent Limb Length
The walking boot’s rocker bottom causes a change in the patient’s kinetic chain. This has been linked to ancillary pain in the knee, hip, and back. Nearly 70% of patients experienced secondary pain after wearing the boot. The TayCo Brace maintains the patient’s normal limb length. Link To The Study

6. More Functional
The walking boot has been described as a “ball and chain” around a patient’s leg, immobilizing the ankle and the whole patient. The TayCo Brace keeps your patients mobile and living their normal life.

5. More Profitable
Many of our customers have experienced greater reimbursements and net profits relative to the walking boot.

4. Works With Work Boots
Walking Boots are open toed and not OSHA compliant, leading to weeks away from the job site and lost paychecks. The TayCo Brace fits over a patient’s steel-toed boot and they can return to work much faster safely with ankle protection and support.

3. Two Hinge Options
Out of the box, the Acute TayCo Brace will immobilize the ankle. When the patient’s injury has improved enough for some motion, the brace can be converted to allow dorsiflexion and plantar flexion, while still controlling pronation and supination. This allows for a normal gait, something a walking boot impedes.

2. Works With Orthotics
The TayCo Brace works with the patient’s own footwear and orthotic, making it an ideal treatment for PTTD and other ailments requiring an orthotic. The walking boot is not compatible with orthotics.

1. Better Patient Satisfaction
Patients love the TayCo Brace. Have you ever heard anyone say “I love my walking boot?” Of course not! TayCo Brace hears success stories from grateful patients everyday.

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