Injured Marine Corp Veteran Regains his Mobility and Independence with the TayCo Brace

October 16, 2022 | By: Nate Lazenga

David Freels: Injured Marine Corp Veteran regains his mobility and independence

“This brace has been as life-altering as my injuries were.”

While serving in the Marine Corps, David Freels injured his ankle and lower leg during a training exercise. Taking a Unit- and Team-first mentality, “my health was secondary to the mission,” Freels explained.

The injury and pain eventually became so severe that Freels was discharged. Eventually Freels re-broke his ankle, so he decided to have surgery this past year. After two months of non-weight bearing, Freels was put into a walking boot. Within the first few weeks, Freels fell down three separate times due to the imbalance he experienced in the walking boot.

As Freels explored other options, he came across TayCo’s YouTube Channel. After some research, Freels’ doctor and VA Prosthetist decided to put Freels in a TayCo Brace. Immediately Freels noted: “I can’t believe the difference between TayCo and the boot. A lot of our [military] people could benefit from TayCo.”

Freels, 66, describes himself as someone who likes to take small challenges throughout the day, like always taking the stairs or trying to park in the farthest parking spot: “TayCo helps me do that.”

“My wife used to have to accompany me everywhere. Now I feel normal again. I was worried that I’d be stumbling around in that boot forever.”

The TayCo Brace Team thanks you for your service, David, and for trusting in us.