Chronic Ankle Instability and The TayCo Brace

July 20, 2020 | By: Nate Lazenga

Millions of Americans suffer with chronic ankle instability (CAI) every day. Causes range from inadequately healed ankle sprains, muscular and tendon disorders, and preferential neuropathy. If left untreated, CAI can lead to subluxation, patients falling, and reduced quality of life. CAI can be treated with physical therapy, surgery, and bracing. When taking a conservative approach to treatment, the TayCo External Ankle Brace is a great option for your patients. The brace fits outside the shoe for comfort, stability, and reduced risk of soft tissue damage.

TayCo Brace Testimonial

When Lori Keller was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, a potentially debilitating disease, she thought her days of riding horses and working on her farm would be severely limited or even over completely.

Thanks to the TayCo External Ankle Brace Lori is still riding and doing what she loves. The brace provides inversion/eversion support while allowing for dorsiflexion/ plantar flexion. Walking on uneven surfaces and rough ground would have been impossible without her TayCo Braces.