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To play at the top of their field, athletes need support. With the TayCo Brace, you can help them treat both acute and chronic ankle injuries so that they’re back in the game safer and with less game time loss.

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From fit to function, find the answers to your TayCo Brace questions.

The Acute Brace is great to have on the sidelines for in-game application. The Custom Brace works well for players with nagging or chronic injuries.

The Acute Brace fits most players’ physiology and can be custom-fit for better comfort.
However, the Custom Brace is is recommended for players who need the brace to conform directly to the player. For football players, a rule of thumb is the more times the player touches the ball, the more they need a custom brace.

Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and their defensive counterparts should be in a custom brace for a tailor-made fit, while linemen and tight ends can use the acute brace.

Watch the video for simple instructions.

Watch the video for simple instructions.

The TayCo Brace can be found on the field of most CLEATED sport fields, including football, baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

The TayCo Brace has been tried on the basketball court; however, because it prevents inversion/eversion (side to side rolling) of the ankle, this renders many players ineffective. However, incorporating the brace early in a player’s rehabilitation may prevent deconditioning and get the player training earlier in the recovery.

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