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Completed Studies

Inversion-Eversion moments supported by TayCo Braces

“The TayCo External Ankle Brace is comparable to a walking boot. The advantage over the walking boot is the ability to allow flexion of the ankle by removing the locking screws.”

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The Effects of a Unilateral Cam Boot and TayCo External AFO on the Gait of Healthy Young and Old Adults

“TayCo outperformed the CAM Boot in all categories conducted in this study. Relative to a CAM boot, TayCo provides greater stability, less energy expenditure, and reduced risk of proximal injury”

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The Effect of the TayCo External Ankle Brace on Multidirectional Reach Distance, Balance, and Flexibility in Collegiate Athletes.

The ROM TayCo External Ankle Brace provides superior stability in inversion and eversion, while allowing for better functional range of motion for a number of athletic performance movements

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In-Progress Studies

Balance Study with TayCo, walking boot, Moore Balance Brace, and jogging shoe *Smart Insoles (Balance) *PROMIS

Clinical outcomes comparing TayCo versus walking boot in ankle/hindfoot diagnoses.

Biomechanical analysis of gait and functional mobility of TayCo versus walking boot

Biomechanical study of stability comparing TayCo to walking boot and other alternatives in three planes with ankle/hindfoot

Clinical and biomechanical study comparing TayCo to walking boot

Gait, balance and 2° effects on back, hips, and knee with TayCo, walking boot, Moore Balance Brace, and walking shoe