TayCo RecoverX Brace

TayCo RecoverX Brace

Walking down stairs in RecoverX external ankle brace

Our NEW off-the-shelf, external ankle brace that fits over a shoe or work boot, supports all shoe sizes and widths, and allows a patient to order for themselves versus through a medical provider. Order now to increase ankle stability without limiting motion.

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Acute Athletic External Ankle Brace

Ordered by athletic trainers or team physicians, the Athletic TayCo XAB fits over an athlete’s cleats, allowing for in-game application. Athletes return to the field immediately with added stability and protection.

Acute TayCo XAB Brace

Acute ankle injuries demand ankle stability without limiting function. The Acute TayCo XAB Brace is for medical providers to prescribe patients and fits over a shoe or work boot, providing comfort and protection against soft tissue damage. It can be used on over 250 indications for the ankle and hindfoot.

Providers MUST DOCUMENT suggested code L-1971 for custom fitting by bending, molding, or trimming. I.E. Because every patient’s anatomy is unique, examples could be: “I bent the uprights to fit the patient’s calf.” OR “I molded the footplate to accommodate fitting the 5th metatarsal exostosis.”