Become a leader with an exclusive over-the-shoe ankle foot orthotic

Many joint and sports injuries can be as simple as a sprain. Then again, there are the twists, breaks, and tears. The chronic pain. Repeat injuries. The total joint reconstruction. Treating difficult patient challenges like these and getting patients back on their feet can be the best part of the day.

At TayCo Brace, we meet that challenge — because for us, the right brace is not just a tool, it’s a transformation in proper recovery. And it’s progressive therapies like the TayCo Brace that can put patient outcomes in the top of your field.

Patients need to return to their normal lives quickly — they don’t have weeks or months to get back on track or in the game. And when treatments get in the way of a functional life, compliance and outcomes suffer. Our break-through designs are built out of this drive for normalcy because all we do is braces. We can fit your patients in the right brace by answering simple questions: What injuries do you serve? What ages are your patients? What has worked best in the past? What are your patients’ major complaints?

We take that information and factor in treatment objectives, primary injury specialties, and patient outliers. Then we can customize the TayCo Brace options for each type of patient injury. But we don’t stop there, because business goals are as important as patient outcomes. Our sales team ensures training in fitting a TayCo Brace for optimal outcomes and patient comfort.

Lots of brace companies offer a wide range of alternatives. But TayCo Brace offers craftmanship that leads to better patient care, recovery, and stability. The best chance at building a good reputation and growing your practice is by providing premium care with results-driven opportunities like the TayCo Brace.


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