Industrial Patients

Industrial Athletes keep the economy rolling and the country moving forward. That is why TayCo Brace is committed to returning people with an ankle injury to work as fast a functionally possible

Returns workers to normal daily activities and reduces lost work days up to 


The Problem:

Ankle injuries are the most common musculoskeletal injuries, resulting in millions of lost work days every year.

Before The TayCo Brace:

Walking boots keep the Industrial Athlete out of work because they are open toed and do not conform to safety regulations

After The TayCo Brace:

Industrial Athletes can return to work, sometimes immediately, because the TayCo Brace fits over an OSHA compliant safety boot, resulting in less days lost, increased productivity, and a return to a regular paycheck


Ed Feeks MD 

Occupational Health Medical Director

TayCo’s simple, yet ingenious design enables the worker to get better faster and return to work sooner.

Jack Walterschmidt 


With a walking boot, I was not allowed
on the factory floor. With TayCo, I was able to
return to the factory floor immediately

Chris Sayers MD 

Occupational Health Physician

Walking boots are open toed, so I had no option to return employees to work. With TayCo, employees can return to work safely, boosting patient and customer satisfaction.