Trusted by over 60 NCAA and 15 NFL Teams, the TayCo External Athletic Brace is the ONLY external stabilizing ankle brace designed for chronic instability, in-game ankle sprains, and support for nagging ankle injuries.


Returns athletes to competition and training faster than traditional treatments

The Problem:

Ankle injuries are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries and keep players out of the game. Internal ankle braces do not provide the stability or comfort necessary to return players to the field.

Before The TayCo Brace:

Traditional treatments of tape and air casts take a long time to apply, limit ankle mobility, and compromise the integrity of the cleat.

After The TayCo Brace:

After an ankle injury and a proper evaluation, an athletic trainer can apply a TayCo Brace over the cleat and return the athlete to the field faster, with normal dorsiflexion/planterflexion movement and inversion/eversion support.


Cole Kmet


Tight End


The TayCo Brace gave my ankle the support it needed so I could go out and perform weeks before the original date I was supposed to be back with a high-ankle sprain.

Jeff Allen

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine

University of Alabama

The TayCo Brace has been a great addition to our ankle injury prevention and treatment program. It is incredibly functional because of the ability to place it over the shoe. We Love It.

Quenton Nelson


Offensive Lineman


The TayCo helped me come back from my injury and play confidently without being afraid of re-injuring my ankle