Active Patients

Walking boots are cumbersome, limit your normal daily activity, and cause pain in the knee back or hip. The TayCo Brace the lightweight alternative to a walking boot, allowing you to live your best life while recovering from an ankle injury.


Returns patients to  normal daily activities up to 


faster than a walking boot

The Problem:

Ankle injuries are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries resulting in reduced quality of life, time away your normal activities, and general inconvenience

Before The TayCo Brace:

Walking boots prevent patient from normal daily activities, lead to muscle loss, and cause ancillary pain in the knee, hip, or back

After The TayCo Brace:

Patients can return to their normal daily lives. The TayCo Brace is easy to put on, lightweight, and does not cause a limb length imbalance